Nathan Cassar, Master of Ceremonies with a big smile in a blue suit walking into a wedding reception from the left

About Nathan Cassar, Master of Ceremonies

A little about me, my passions, and love for entertainment and creating lasting memories with dazzling live event experiences

My Background

Based in Sydney, Australia, Nathan Cassar delivers an impactful hosting experience like never before.

With 10+ years on the microphone and 1000s of lasting memories with audiences around the world, Nathan's standout mix of professional experience, humour, and dynamism will leave your guests wanting more.

From humble beginnings as a high school competitive public speaker to Cruise Director for Princess Cruises, delivering an unforgettable entertainment experience is Nathan's creed and passion.

One of Nathan's greatest strengths is his ability to adapt and flourish in many audiences, venues, and settings, in part due to his stellar and widely-acclaimed career at sea as a live Entertainment Host.


Nathan's career has taken him across the world - notably Europe, North America, and the South Pacific - and will travel to YOU for your special day. 

My Vision

I'll never forget the time I sailed on P&O Australia's Pacific Sun at the age of 14.


All it took was seven days at sea, an incredibly captivating onboard entertainment team, and a spark that ignited within me that led me to one burning desire: I just HAD to be a live entertainer one day!

Fast forward several years later, I feel privileged and honoured to create lasting memories through the power of live entertainment as a professional Master of Ceremonies.

I believe that every event, big or small, is basically "organised chaos." When done RIGHT (I've made it my life's work to get it right!) chaos can be turned into something incredible and truly unforgettable!

What's the secret? Always insisting on "doing it right", never cutting corners, constantly looking for ways to genuinely connect with my audience and, most importantly, a killer smile (at very least my mum thinks I have one!).