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Become the ultimate trivia CHAMPION in the latest and greatest virtual trivia show played just about... anywhere!

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Hosted By Quiz Master and MC, Nathan Cassar

From the creator of global AAA gameshows for Princess Cruises and veteran trivia master comes the latest trivia show beaming straight to you, online!

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Gameplay is as simple as answering multiple-choice questions on your mobile phone in REAL-TIME.

You'll also follow along with the show LIVE on your computer screen with Nathan as your host just like a TV game show - but one where YOU and your teammates are the contestants!

Each round the stakes will go up and up until the last question is done and the winner reigns victorious! (Cue office bragging rights)

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So... Why Quizanity?

Quizanity is one of the best team-building activities to beat remote work fatigue and connect with loved ones. One thing is for sure: is to bound to have EVERYONE talking!

It is specially designed to:

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What's Included?

Every session includes the following:

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  One and a half hours of a high-quality trivia gameshow delivered via Zoom

   Full guide and support on how to play for all attendees

 Post-session results provided for your social media channels and internal communication

✔  A dedicated, professional, easy-going host with a 1000 per cent commitment to making sure all have a fantastic, memorable time with plenty of fascinating factoids and hilarious humour along the way!

It's A Winner!

What Past Players Are Saying About The Show!

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"Thanks Nathan for hosting our work team online trivia. Really engaging, sincere and funny with all of us. Perfect for any trivia from family and friends to fundraising. (Even the online process to play was easy!)"

Sarah S.

Enquire Today For A FREE Live Demo And Quote!

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Perfect For Team Building and Super Easy To play!

Play With Up To 100 Players Over Zoom (Minimum of 8)

General Knowledge Questions Across 100+ Potential Genres

Hosted By An Experienced Quiz Master With 10+ Years On The Mic

Fully Customisable Games & Questions Available (On Request)

Made For Remote Audiences And Is 100% COVID-Safe

Family-Friendly And Appropriate For Ages 8 to 80+